Online Ethics It is a mechanism through which our employees, customers, contractors, suppliers, advisors, allies, collaborators, communities and citizens in general can report any alleged violation of TUSCANY Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, confidentially, free of charge and from anywhere. If you are interested in making a report, you can use any of the means indicated below:

Once you report the situation, you will be given a report number which you must keep in order to track your complaint. To take into account:

  • The content of the complaint must be true, false statements can not be made, nor can be based on rumors, gossip and / or other behaviors that can not prove facts and data.

  • The use of language that violates the integrity and / or dignity of the persons indicated is not allowed

  • The complaint must be based on facts that effectively configure a conduct that is not allowed. Complaints motivated by personal purposes or any purpose other than the protection of the principles and regulations of the company will not be admitted.

  • If you have complaints, claims or suggestions about processes outside the policies of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, remember that there are more direct and effective mechanisms such as communication with your supervisor or senior management.